Almost There! US Visa For Portuguese Citizens Could Be Here Soon

As the US visa application process becomes more complicated, it can be difficult to determine where the US visa application process stands with regard to Portuguese citizens. This article breaks down what is expected of a Portuguese citizen in relation to US visas and describes how a US Visa might be obtained as well.

Key Points

The BUSINESS VISA FOR US could be here soon! The visa processing time for Portuguese citizens has decreased significantly, making the process much faster than it was in the past. In fact, according to recent reports, the visa processing time for Portuguese citizens is now only taking around two months on average.

This news comes as a relief to many Portuguese citizens who have been waiting years for their visas to be processed. However, even with this recent progress, there are still some limitations that must be taken into account when applying for a US Visa. For example, Portuguese citizens cannot apply for a US visa if they are already in the United States or if they have been recently deported or removed from the country.

Furthermore, Portuguese citizens must also meet certain requirements when applying for a US Visa. These requirements include having a valid passport and being able to provide documentation that shows your relationship to someone in the United States. Additionally, you will need to provide information about your planned travel and your intended stay in the United States.

Overall, these changes are great news for Portuguese citizens who have been waiting years for their visas to be processed. The fast turnaround time means that applicants no longer have to wait long periods


Portugal has been working hard to bring its visa-free travel agreement with the United States into force. On October 26, the parties reached an agreement in principle on the visa waiver program for Portuguese passport holders. The accord still needs to be ratified by lawmakers in both countries, but it seems likely that the deal will be finalized soon. US VISA FOR PORTUGUESE CITIZENS

If the agreement is approved and goes into effect, Portuguese citizens would be able to travel to the United States without a visa for up to 90 days in a 180-day period. This covers both tourism and business trips. The visa waiver would also apply to legitimate travelers with a valid passport and proof of sufficient funds.

The visa waiver could go into effect as early as November 5, but there are still some details that need to be worked out. For example, Portuguese citizens would need to present their passport and valid US return ticket when traveling to the United States. They would also need to carry proof of financial stability, such as a bank statement or recent income tax returns.

This news is great news for Portuguese travelers! It seems like the process of getting approved for the visa waiver is relatively easy, and it should go into effect soon. If you

US Passport Requirements

If you’re a Portuguese citizen and are looking to travel to the United States, you may soon be able to do so without a visa. According to Politico, the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon is in the process of finalizing a visa waiver program that would allow Portuguese citizens to enter the country without a visa. If all goes according to plan, the program could be implemented as early as this summer.

If you’re not familiar with the visa waiver program, it’s basically a way for countries that have good relationships with the United States to allow travelers into their country without needing a visa. This is especially helpful for people who are travelling for business or tourism purposes. The program has been in operation since 2006 and has been used by over 100 countries.

If you’re interested in learning more about the visa waiver program, you can read up on it here. In the meantime, keep an eye out for updates on this story as it develops.

US Visa For Portuguese Citizens Pros And Cons

Portugal is a member of the European Union and has a visa-free travel policy with the United States.

However, there are some cons to obtaining a US visa for Portuguese citizens.

First, Portuguese citizens must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after their planned departure from the United States.

Second, Portugal requires non-US citizens who are visiting for business or pleasure to have proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay and expenses.

Third, Portuguese citizens must have a return ticket or valid onward ticket to leave the United States once their visit is complete.

Fourth, Portuguese citizens may not work in certain sectors of the US economy (including healthcare, education, finance and engineering).

Finally, Portuguese citizens may be subject to additional scrutiny when attempting to enter the United States.


If you are a Portuguese citizen that is interested in traveling to the United States, don’t worry – your visa might be just around the corner. According to The Portugal News, officials from the US Embassy in Lisbon have been working hard to finalize a new visa waiver program for Portuguese citizens. This program would allow Portuguese citizens to travel to the United States without having to visit a US consulate in their home country first. If everything goes according to plan, this new visa waiver program could be available as early as next week. Keep an eye out for updates!