Apply For Indian Visa Online And Get Tourist Visa On Arrival

It is a common misconception that getting an Indian visa is not easy. This article talks about how to apply for a tourist or business visa with ease and the benefits of applying online.

What is a Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa is a type of visa which allows visitors to stay in one country for a specific period of time. A tourist visa can be obtained through the use of an online application form or by visiting an embassy or consulate. There are different types of tourist visas, including a tourist visa for tourism purposes, a business visitor visa, and a student visa. To qualify for a tourist visa, you must have valid passport and proof of travel arrangements. INDIAN VISA APPLICATION ONLINE

How to Get a Tourist Visa

If you’re planning a trip to India and you want to visit the country’s many attractions, then you’ll need a tourist visa. Getting a tourist visa can be a bit of a hassle, but it’s not difficult if you follow these steps.

To apply for a tourist visa online, you’ll first need to create an account with the Indian embassy or consulate responsible for your region. After creating your account, you’ll need to provide your name, address, passport number, and other pertinent information. You’ll also need to upload photos of yourself and your passport photo ID.

After filling out the online application form, you’ll need to submit it along with supporting documents. The most common supporting document is a valid passport. If you’re applying for a Tourist Visa on Arrival, then you’ll also need to include your airfare ticket and hotel reservations.

Once all of your paperwork is complete, the Indian embassy or consulate will review your application and make a decision about whether or not to grant you a tourist visa. If your application is approved, then they will send you an electronic travel permit (ETP) which you will need when traveling to India. INDIAN VISA ON ARRIVAL

The Indian Visa Application Process

To apply for an Indian visa online, you will need to provide your passport information, including the expiry date. You will then be directed to complete a visa application form. The next step is to upload your photo and submit the application. After completing the application process, you will receive an email notification of your visa approval or rejection. If your visa is approved, you will be required to pay a processing fee and obtain a travel document from the Indian embassy or consulate. When travelling to India, make sure to carry your approved visa with you at all times and check in at the airport upon arrival.

Tips for the Best Experience

If you are travelling to India for tourism, then you should apply for your visa online. This will save you time and money. You can also get a tourist visa on arrival if you have an onward ticket. Be sure to keep all your paperwork updated so that the immigration officer is able to process your visa quickly.

Alternatives to an Indian Visa

If you are looking for an alternative to an Indian visa, you may want to consider applying for a tourist visa on arrival. This will allow you to travel to India without having to apply for a visa in advance. You will need to provide your passport information and other necessary documents, and your application may take several days to process. If you are planning to visit multiple states in India, it is best to apply for a tourist visa for each state that you plan to visit.


If you are planning to visit India anytime soon, it is important that you apply for an Indian visa online as this will save you time and hassle. Not only will applying for the visa online make the process quicker, but it will also ensure that all your documentation is in order and that there are no errors on your application. If you have any questions about applying for an Indian visa online or anything else related to travel to India, do not hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We would be happy to help!