Canada Recalls Visa For Portuguese Citizens

Yesterday, the Canadian government announced that it was recalling its visa for Portuguese citizens. This is bad news for those travelling in Canada, because they will no longer have a visa to enter the country.

Background on Canada Visa

Canada Immigration is recalling all Portuguese citizens travelling to Canada. The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada says the move is a result of a “serious security situation” in Portugal.CANADA VISA FOR DUTCH CITIZENS

The visa-free travel agreement between the two countries will be suspended from March 23rd until further notice. The ministry says that nationals of Portugal should contact their Canadian embassy or consulate for updated information on how to apply for a visa at this time.

As of now, there is no indication when the recall will be lifted.

Reasons for Visa Recall

The Canadian government has recalled all visas for Portuguese citizens after a terrorist attack in the country. The recall was made after two suspects were identified as Portuguese nationals and are believed to be behind the attack. Immigration officials say that the risk of terrorism is high in Portugal and that the citizens there may not be safe. The Portuguese government has already taken the necessary precautions to prevent a similar attack.

What Can Canadians Do if They Have a Portuguese Citizen as a Spouse?

If you are a Canadian citizen and your Portuguese spouse has their permanent resident card, you may be wondering what to do if you are suddenly required to obtain a visa to visit them in Portugal. Here is a guide on what Canadians can do if they have a Portuguese citizen as a spouse. CANADA VISA FOR PORTUGUESE CITIZENS

If you reside in Canada, you will need to apply for a visitor visa at the nearest Portuguese embassy or consulate. You will need to provide the following information:

-Your passport identification page

-Your permanent resident card

-Two recent passport-style photos, taken within the last six months

-Proof of your relationship with the Portuguese citizen, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree

-A financial guarantee of at least $2000 CAD (or your equivalent in euros) in case you are not allowed to leave Portugal after your stay.

The application process can take up to two months and costs €60 CAD (approximately $75 CAD). If you are approved, you will be granted a 12-month visa that must be used within one year. If you are not approved, you will be asked to return and reapply.

If you reside outside of Canada but plan on visiting your Portuguese spouse while


Canada has issued a recall for all visa-exempt Portuguese citizens, effective immediately. This is in response to a terror threat made by the terrorist group Estado Islâmico (ISIS or ISIL), which reportedly calls for the murder of Portugal’s prime minister, José Sócrates. Canadian authorities are warning Portuguese nationals that they should not travel to Canada unless they can provide appropriate documentation proving their citizenship and immunity from persecution. As always, please consult your immigration lawyer if you have any questions about this news.