Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens and Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens

If you are from Canada or Australia and want to visit Turkey, read this article before going on your trip so that you don’t miss out on the many perks that are offered only to citizens of these countries.

Canadians and Australian Citizens; Looking to Apply for a Turkey Visa

If you are a Canadian citizen or an Australian citizen and you would like to visit Turkey, you will need to apply for a visa. The application process is straightforward, but there are a few things that you should know in order to ensure that your application is successful. Turkey Visa for Canadian Citizens

First, make sure that you have all of the required documentation. You will need your passport, your visa application form (available from the Turkish consulate), and two photographs. Make sure that the photos are recent and that they properly reflect your appearance.

Next, prepare yourself for the interview process. The consulate will likely require that you speak Turkish fluently in order to be approved for a visa. Be prepared to answer questions about your travel plans and why you want to visit Turkey. Remember also to provide information about any family members who will be accompanying you on your trip.

Finally, be aware of the deadline date for applications. The consulate typically requires applications to be filed at least six weeks in advance of the desired travel date, so plan ahead carefully if you want to apply for a Turkish visa. Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens

Requirements: Citizenship, Passport, and Residence

If you are a Canadian citizen or an Australian citizen, you can apply for a visa to visit Turkey.

To obtain a Turkish visa, you will need to meet the following requirements:

-Citizenship: You must be a Canadian citizen or an Australian citizen.

-Passport: Your passport must have at least six months remaining validity.

-Residence in Turkey: You must have stayed in Turkey for 90 days within the past 6 months.

The Application Process

If you are a Canadian citizen, you can apply for a visa to visit Turkey through the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Applications must be made online and can take up to two weeks to be processed. Australian citizens can also apply for a visa through the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website but must make their application six months in advance. Once your application is approved, you will need to submit an onward travel document (such as a passport) and your visa application fee. The visa fee for Canadians is $160 and for Australians it is $145.

Fees and Documentation

Fees and Documentation for a Turkey Visa

The visa fee for a Canadian citizen is $140, while the fee for an Australian citizen is $190. In addition, you will need to provide your passport photo and your passport details such as the expiration date. You will also be required to submit a proof of financial sponsorship from a sponsoring organization or individual in Turkey. Finally, you will need to provide documentation that proves your relationship with a Turkish citizen or resident. Some examples of documents that could be helpful include marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce decree, or Proof of Residency (official document issued by municipality).

How Long Does it Take?

There is no right answer to this question since it really depends on your individual circumstances. However, here are some general tips to help you get your Turkey visa as quickly as possible:

-Apply well in advance. The earlier you apply, the sooner you will be able to complete the process.

-Assemble all necessary documentation. Include your passport photo, visa application form (available from Turkish embassy or consulate), photocopies of your ID and passport pages, and at least 2 recent passport size photos.

-Be prepared to provide additional documents if requested, such as a health certificate or proof of financial support.

-Pay the applicable visa fee in full. Check the website of your embassy or consulate for updated fees.

-Make copies of all required documents and bring them with you to the visa interview. You can also upload these documents online prior to your visit.